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tv   Action News  ABC  November 12, 2014 2:05am-2:41am EST

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this was the scene sunday night when a man was found shot inside of his car in the germantown section of philadelphia. he later died at hospital. tonight we have learned that he
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was the father of one of the best known basketball players to come out of philadelphia in a generation. it's tuesday night and the big story is the murder victim identified as wayne ellington. his son by the same name is now a member of the los angeles l.a. sharrie williams. >>reporter:jim, this news is hitting the family very hard. they are saddened and shocked and puzzled. tonight they want justice. wayne ellington reflects on the text-message. it was from his biggest fan, wayne ellington sr. >> he was the person that gave me the basketball, put me in the
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league at 5 years old. they won the game on sunday. after the victory, he got the message that his father was shot. >> it's tough and unbelievable. it was crazy. i went to a very high feeling of excitement and joy to the lowest i ever felt in my life. >>reporter:ellington sr. was found inside of his car with a bullet to his head. ellington's wife of 34 years got the news over the phone. >> i heard crying in the background. they called me back to let me know it was worse than they thought. >>reporter:the police rushed him to hospital for treatment but he died. they are investigating the shooting as a murder.
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>> he was smart and funny. he loved his family a lot. >>reporter:ellington jr. was drafted in the nba making his father proud. the basketball player is on leave to grieve with his father. they hope to get answers. >> at some point, whoever did this, they are going to get what they deserve in whatever way it is. >>reporter:the family says that they have no clue who would have or could have thought to do this. ellington sr. to their knowledge was not in danger. there are no suspects. they have no witnesses. they are looking for answers anyway that they can get them. live in germantown, sharrie
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williams. thank you. sharrie. the driver of a bmw crashed into a school bus in princeton. the bus ended up on its side. to look at vehicles one might have expected the worst. all four injured were released from the hospital. the bus had a 16-year-old on board from the rockwood school in nearby skillman. the fog is rolling in at the jersey shore. the commute to work tomorrow morning could be a little challenging because of the fog and drizzle throughout much of delaware valley. and going live to cecily tynan. what is that late word from accuweather? it's mild and damp from across the viewing area. the fog is reducing visibility toms river and wildwood are reporting visibility of a quarter-mile. we have a flow winds off of the
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ocean. it pulls some of the fog farther inland. a dense fog is posted into south jersey until 10:00 in the morning. these are the areas that the visibility could be reduced. we break out of that fog. the major problems are east of the i-95 corridor. the temperatures are warm at 6:00, 55. by 8:00, 58 degrees. once the fog runs off and the sunshine is back in the afternoon. the temperatures soar. one more time. after that i am tracking a winter-like chill that is sticking around for a while. jim? >> thank you, cecily. they will be watching for traffic delays for fog and
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drizzle. on the accuweather watch every 6 minutes beginning at 4:30 a.m. an arrest warrant is issued for a man that drove the red corvette into the delaware river. john kramer was in a dispute with his wife. it led him to drive the red corvette into the river in tacony. on this veteran's day they arrested a man. anthony carter of feasterville removed american flags and shet theand setthem on fire. they matched his d.n.a.
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>> the fact that the d.n.a. came back this week and were able to put the case together is a good ending to this sad case. why this knucklehead would decide to burn american flags and damage markers i have no idea. >> carter is denying the charges. delvin barnes face as federal judge tomorrow. he arrived at the federal detention centre that is after extradited from virginia. 37-year-old is facing charges of the attempted murder and rape of a 16-year-old girl. he is going to be tried if philadelphia of the kidnapping of carlesha freeland-gaither earlier this month. violent crime is down to the lowest level in years. fbi shows that crime as murder,
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rape and aggravated assault dropped by 4.4%. it a nationwide trend. the majority of arrests were drug violations, larceny theft and driving under the influence. nighttime on this veteran's day brought hundreds of thousands to the national mall in washington for the first of its kind concert for the troops. [♪ singing ] >> dave grohl and the zac brown band were there. they are asked to donate money for causes helping war veterans.
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rest in peace. the "action news" trouble shooters help to honour a local veteran's final wish after they prevented his burial at the cemetery. and rescuers have to use saws to save a man stuck inside a wall. cecily? cool weather is moving our way. details on the chill of the way and a threat of snow in the accuweather. >> more on mark sanchez and the accuweather. >> more on mark sanchez and the eagles's big win party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go.
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ebola-free. the patient, craig spencer was discharged from bellview hospital from the cheers of his caregivers. he was treating patients and working for doctors without borders. no one with whom he came in contact fell ill. he says it should lessen fears about the disease. >> it speaks to the effectiveness of the protocols of those returning from south africa. i am a living example of how the protocols work and how it is critical in surviving ebola and not transmitted to others. >> he returned home to his east
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harlem apartment. he expects to go back to work soon. he knows that his case got the spotlight of attention. he pleaded with the americans to refocus on the terrible toll that ebola is taking in west africa and support the efforts to stop the outbreak there. >> they are trying to figure out how a man got stuck in a marshalls store in colorado. he was trapped for several days. they had to cut through the exterior to rescue the 35-year-old man. the man crawled through at vent on the roof for some reason yet to be determined. no charges have yet been filed. president obama and chinese president xi jinping had a meeting two hours longer than scheduled and then taking
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questions from reporters. there is significant tension in the u.s.-chinese relationship. obama says that wants to take the relationship to a new level. we have a special "action news" trouble shooters on this veteran's day. we are hoping that the children of a local veteran honor's their father's final wish. >> what can be more important than honour our parents final wishes resting in a peaceful place of other choice. that is all that a daughter and son were trying to do when they came across a roadblock. [♪ trumpets ] >> he loved the navy. he wanted to go back to where he was stationed. >>reporter:he joined the u.s. navy in 1944. his final wish, 70 years later, was he and his late wife be laid to rest with his comrades.
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>> he wanted to be buried in a veteran's cemetery. >>reporter:to honour his wish, bill and linda contacted the william c doyle veteran's cemetery. >> he wants it here because his children lived here we could come and visit. >>reporter:the veteran or service member must have established legal residents in new jersey prior to death or been a legal resident of the state for 50% or more of their lifetime. he passed away past july. he was govern in the garden state anhe was born in the gardd
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to get. >> it is terrible. we don't know where to turn any more. >>reporter:so the kaiser children turned to the "action news" trouble shooters. >> they contacted the superintendent of the cemetery. he listened to the kaiser story. hours after we got off of the phone the state cemetery would help them honour his father's final wish. >> i want to say i am so happy that this finally happened and my dad's wish finally came true. and they are at peace now. i don't think it would have happened without channel 6 helping us. >> i am glad that we got them where my parents belonged. the advice to other people is to registered with the veterans
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cemeteries early so this doesn't happen to them it's hard to get them into a veteran's cemetery. >>reporter:that is important advice. the superintendent of the doyles memorial cemetery says it's better for preregistration. go to the trouble shooters page if you need help. on this veterans day we salute mr. kaiser and all those sacrifices. they came to honour a tribute. they want to build a statue of edward babehefrin. hbabehefrin.
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he died on this day at the age of 90. a statue of a hefrin will seven as a remembrance. and one more mild day as it feels like winter. we are showing no rain falling from the sky. we have a low-level moisture moving on short. shore. take a look at atlantic city. you can see the boardwalk will well. the fog is obscuring the view. right now the fog is concentrated along the coast. inland 5 to 10 miles-an-hour. no problem. along the coast we have visibility at the quarter-mile. and atlantic city 3-quarters of
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a mile. in beach haven some of this moves farther inland. 12 degrees above normal. it's typical of highs this time of year. allentown 54. millville, 55. trenton is 55. satellite 6 along with action radar, this is a cold front that ushers in the winter-like chill. and low pressure off of the coast. it is pulling in the winds of the atlantic. we are clouding up in the overnight hours. a lot of low clouds. most of the dense fog east of philadelphia. allow extra time for your morning commute. by the afternoon the sunshine is back and temperatures again very warm. the cold front temperatures in the 60s. 70s in the south. it blasts late in the day
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tomorrow. behind it on thursday and next week we are looking at the temperatures along the i-95 corridor reaching highs in the 40s. 30s inland. the cold air is going to hang on. loads of the clouds and fog and drizzle. east of the philadelphia. by 10:00, 61. by 1:00, the sunshine is back. 66 degrees. of the front slips through. the temperatures group down to 64 at 4:00. for the exclusive seven-day forecast fog and drizzle. 68. 45 on friday. we drop down to 44 on saturday. bright sunshine and then on sunday, a storm system riding up along the coast. a possibility of the wet snow. 47 degrees. monday we clear out, 46 and then
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the temperature drops even more. tuesday the coldest air mass so far with a high of only 4 40 degrees. it's going to feel like winter. what does the winter have in store for us? i will be letting you now. you have been trying to get me to tell you how much snow, how cold? not telling you thursday. not at hint. not at hint at all. i have an idea. i will not tell anyone. i am getting my skis waxed. no. too much information. thank you, cecily. the european scientists will find out if they can land a small spacecraft on a cometh. on a comet, known as 67p. it's tricky.
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the comet is moving fast. they had to reboot the lander after it failed to power un. the franklin institute went adults only. the museum visitors could feed their curiositysty an curiosity. it included food and drink as the guests explored the famous exhibits. and grammy-award winner usher was at the wells fargo center in three years. he is working on his eighth studio album as he prepares for a full european tour. it's mega millions. hello, america. tuesday, november 11th. to win the jackpot you must have the five white balls and the
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gold mega ball. the first number is 28, followed by 75. up next 23. the next number is 30. your final white ball for tuesday evening is 25. now for the mega ball. the mega ball number 11. 28, 75, 23, 30, 25, and the gold mega ball
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at one time or another eagles' fans were going crazy about kevi kevin cobb. >> he has talent. in order to be successful he needed to take care of the football. he did. no interceptions two touchdowns in the easy win over carolina last night. no need to worry about the backup. sanchez threw for 300 yards. after the game he was hungry. >> i want you to have a cheese fry. mark, have a cheese fry. no, no. [talking over each other] >> that is love when you eat another man's cheese fries.
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they were at pat's and gino's. he was a man of the people. he took selfies. he talked about his night out in south philadelphia. >> the fans were great. after a big win like that, especially the team playing like a whole that was a great time. the steaks were great. >> what did you like better, pat's or gino's. they were both good. i don't want to pick. they treated me great and the food was awesome. >> a looking ahead for the big showdown at green bay. it's a following this news overcast at 11:35. the trophy was on display. the eagles team was honoured at the scholarship foundation
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banquet. he was injured. >> here about the extended playo ♪
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. needs. temple travels to happy valley on saturday to face penn state. it's not home coming but it will be for the head coach. matt will be asked about this a lot. as you expect from a head coach
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he is downplaying the significance of his return. >> you know, for me, you know, i don't know how i will get there. right now, you know, it's all about this week. it's about today. it feels about the same to me as any other game right now. >> the flyers have a giant hole in their schedule a full week between games. they will not play until friday. that leaves for a lot of time to practice. they are on a three-game win streak. they are not worried about any rust. >> we are confident. we played very good hockey games the last three games. you know, obviously there were some mistakes that we are going to clear up. and it's a lot of fun to look at some video. >> and a special treat for a
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huge flyers fan. jackie lithgow got to watch the game. he was suffered by football players. he was in a coma. he is now out the rehab and hanging out with cool dudes. gameday and followed by the jimm"jimmy kimmel live." i am jim gardner for the entire "action news" team, good night.
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